Thomas Easaw

Justist, Singer-Songwriter, Author, 
Philosopher  the self-proclaimed 
' Father of the Justice Era'
Campaign For 
Judicial Accountability
 & 9 Other Amendments
Thomas Easaw believes that the 'Justice Era' will begin once his 'Justice Theory' is fully understood & his 'Ten Amendments' are adopted, both of which can set the whole world free.

Of the Ten Amendments, the call for 'Judicial Accountability' is the prime most. The present concept of judicial accountability is grossly at fault and the running campaigns are insufficient to bring about justice. 

Thomas Easaw has ​taken 25 years of  thought, debate and research to found and formulate 'The Justice Theory & The Ten Amendments', and another 15 years for its corroboration.

What the world lacks today is Judicial Accountability, and  considering the unaccountable Judiciary as holy, is the greatest superstition of modern times. That is why the need for it to be addressed and redressed, becomes the loftiest goal. 
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& Save Us From This Hegemony
Campaign for 
Judicial Accountability
The Book
Justice Theory 
The Ten Amendments
This book is a work of art, where every sentence is  a quotable quote and each of them packs a volume. In two short sentences the book overrules the millions of pages written about capitalism and communism and in another two,  why only the Justice Theory will prevail. 

This little black book of justice is out here to divide the world and unite it.