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Justice Theory and

The Ten  Amendments

Upcoming books by Thomas Easaw

1.  Justice Theory and God

Thomas Easaw’s new book “Justice Theory and God”, very simply and clearly explains why we should not fight for either religion or God, and in even simpler terms “Who God is”.

2.  Justice Theory and Pseudo


His other new book “Justice Theory and Pseudo Economics”, explains in the simplest terms why Justice Theory is so important to mankind and how the whole world economy is built up on Pseudo-Economics and how the economy would collapse once it is exposed.

Upcoming Music albums by TE

1.     Campaign for Judicial        Accountability

Thomas Easaw, ever since he formulated ‘The Justice Theory’, more than 25 years ago, has been a keen campaigner for Judicial accountability. In 1997 when he brought out his first music album, ‘The Rules for Violation’, which contained songs for legal accountability, the idea was unheard of in those days and the concept of judicial accountability was so alien to the conservative minds of the legal profession, the album was withdrawn fearing severe consequences. But ever since the internet became popular these were available for free download. In 2004, when he published his first international album, ‘Don’t Start the Last World War’, the songs ‘The Judge’ and ‘The Lawyer’ reappeared again with a write up of ‘The Justice Theory’. Now that, after so many years, judicial accountability has become almost a household term and people & organizations have recognized that justice is the central theme of life – this album will be the harbinger of a new ‘Justice Era’.

2.     5 Against Obama

During the US Presidential election of 2008, Thomas Easaw had cut an album “5 for Obama”, with the fond hope that Obama will bring about change.

Being the President of the most powerful democracy in the world, apart from just sorting out domestic issues, he could have changed the course of the world by considering “The Justice Theory”.

If it is because he has run out of ideas, Easaw wants to remind him that the ‘Justice Theory and the Ten Amendments’ is the panacea to all the ailments of the world today.

And now his misdemeanors  in Libya and hence the album “5 Against Obama”.

3.     Insignificant Issues

This is a collection of various songs TE had written at various points in time about issues like Sri Lanka, Gaza, Iraq etc.

4.     The Prostitute

A collection of some of TE’s songs from his formative periods, giving a totally different perspective to some of the world’s oldest issues.

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"You have nothing to lose, but injustice"

To be considered a fool is the price you have to pay, till your contemporaries catch up with the idea that the earth is round. So expecting no accolades, Thomas Easaw as writer, musician, philosopher and the owner of the deepest living voice on earth, presents before the world, "Justice Theory and the Ten Amendments" a proposition on peace and justice.

Formulated more than twenty five years ago, discussed and debated till yesterday, Thomas Easaw is in no hurry. For him, the fight and wait for a just and peaceful world has only begun.

After a major portion of the inhabited world has been set free during the last century, the greatest threat hovering over the globe today is the question of justice and the greatest fear in most parts of the civilized world is the fear of litigation. People within nations have already started to yearn for this freedom, which they do not know how to spell out. Justice and liberty have certainly come a long way, but it has a little more to travel and Thomas Easaw's Ten Amendments humbly say it all. 

Thomas Easaw has been unnoticingly around, since 1965. During these years in the oblivion, he was perfecting and crystallizing his thoughts and this is the first stone in the string - The Justice Theory

Uniquely different and differently unique, all his writings and songs bear his distinctive signature in their themes, lyrics, music and voice.


Presently, the very concept of judicial accountability is at fault and the running campaigns are crying for punishment against corruption, declaration of assets, methods for impeachment etc - which are only miniscule changes which cannot assure anything at all in the long run, for new ways will always be discovered to avoid accountability and  absolute justice will remain a distant reality.


A judge should be accountable for every judgment that he makes.


Absolute justice is possible if the concept of the Justice Theory is understood and the Ten Amendments implemented.


The book "Justice Theory and the Ten Amendments" is a philosophical treatise which explains in simple logic, the concepts of justice unlike any treatise before it.  It clearly explains what the present day judicial evils are and how it can be rectified. This simple black book of justice with just about 2000 words, comprehensibly  covers all the problems of the legal system and its rectification and has taken 25 years of thought and debate for its present form. 


Thomas Easaw is on a one-man campaign for peace and justice for mankind and today he is alone. But with a cause like this for how long can he be?

©Thomas Easaw

Campaign Song For Judicial Accountability

 The songs from the music album

"Don't Start the Last World War"

with lyrics and explanation

Don't Start the Last World War

The Search

The Lawyer

The Judge 

The Reminder  

The Trap 

The Optimist  

The Beggar

 The songs from the music album

"5 for Obama" with lyrics

Why not try Obama?

If Obama Wins

Obama is What You Should

The Vote for Obama Song 

Yes You Can 

 SINGLES with lyrics

Campaign Song For Judicial  Accountability   

Welcome to India 

Vote for Our Country's Sake 

I am Sorry Sri Lanka

A Song for Gaza 

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