Thomas Easaw has been unnoticingly around, since 1965. During these years in the oblivion, he was perfecting and crystallizing his thoughts. 

He is the founder of The Justice Theory and the originator of the Ten Amendments, that has taken 25 years of  thought, debate and research for its present simplified, distilled and concise form and another 15 years for its corroboration.

He believes that The Justice Theory & The Ten Amendments  could change the world forever. Formulated to replace Capitalism, Communism, Communalism &  Religion in the years, decades and centuries to come, it will  facilitate the advent of the 'Justice Era'.

Thomas Easaw as justist, singer-songwriter and author profusely produces socio-political songs in an effort to change the world for the better. Uniquely different and differently unique, all his writings and songs bear his distinctive signature.